Jeff Evans Tutored Beer Tasting
York Food and Drink Festival – Tutored Beer Tasting

York’s annual Food and Drink Festival is rolling back into town on the 20th September and one of the most easily accessible and enjoyable events is returning in the shape of the tutored beer tasting session.

This one hour event, fronted by CAMRA stalwart and Inside Beer host Jeff Evans, is a step by step guide into the world of objective and knowledgeable beer tasting and takes you all the way from learning the ingredients and processes of brewing through to tasting a range of beers and putting your new skills to the test.

All of this takes place in a relaxed environment where you are not put on the spot or hassled to put your views forward, you are simply left to enjoy the drinks if you wish!

After trying this event out last year I would highly recommend it to anyone who has even the vaguest interest in the amber nectar. Jeff Evans gives an excellent insight into how a range of beers from around the world are produced and speaks with authority and a genuine passion for the subject. Add to this the fact that you get 5 bottles of beer to taste, ranging from light golden ales to brain meltingly strong dark brews, £6 a ticket is incredibly good value for money! They will surely sell out fast (well, the ones that remain after I bought 12)!

The tutored beer tasting events take place at 5.30 and 7.30pm on Saturday 21st September in St. Sampson’s Square.
Tickets are available from the York Food and Drink Festival website and are priced at £6.