Hooping Classes In York
Hooping Classes Starting Soon in York!

There have been all sorts of exercise crazes lately. New ways to keep fit such as Zumba and the latest Bollywood inspired dancing all have their merits and I do enjoy them but have to admit I’ve been lazy of late!

The next fitness activity which I fancy trying, and to be honest I’m not sure if it is new or not, is Hooping. Take those Hula Hoops you used to play with as a child and use them to tone up and get fit!

The course text states that the classes are a blend of cardio and toning, the aim of which is to give you a fun range of movement that you can take away and continue with beyond the course.

Course leader, Sarah Greenslade said, “Hooping is addictive and improves posture as well as burns fat and strengthens, you will notice throughout the course you become more aware of your body placement, your core will strengthen and your posture will improve. For me hooping is an escape and a fab de-stresser as well as a brilliant confidence boost, it unlocks the hips, improves balance and promotes sassyness!!”

I am all up for promoting sassiness so will be going along in September! The beginner’s course starts on Wednesday 4th September for 6 weeks from 7-8pm at Door 84 and costs £30 or £50 for two.

If you like the sound of Hooping you can find out more and book a place through the Hooping website Hooping Classes In York