York Marina Boat Hire in York
Quicksilver 555 Activ day boats available for self-drive hire!

I believe one of the nicest things about York is the river running through the centre of the city. It’s lovely to sit alongside and have a drink on a Summer’s day or take the tandem for a ride along the river bank!

However being people who like to get involved we found ourselves wanting more than just viewing the river from afar and, after a brief affair with the local sailing club (it turns out sailing is really hard work!) we found ourselves looking for a relaxing but fun way to enjoy the river.

We found this over at York Marina in Naburn, a really short drive from the city. At the marina you can hire small motor boats and take them down the Ouse for half a day, a full day or even for a weekend.

We had this booked way in advance and had been looking forward to it for a few sunny weeks before hand. Lo and behold though it got to Saturday and the rain clouds came!

Despite the weather we still had a lot of fun and the four hours gives you plenty of time to travel through the countryside outside the marina and then right into town and beyond.

The boats can accommodate up to six people with everyone getting a turn at driving. We paid £18 pounds each for over 4 hours sailing on a Saturday afternoon which we thought was great value. The staff are lovely and friendly and give you a rundown of the boat’s controls beforehand although it really is simple enough for anyone to drive.

The Marina advised us that booking ahead was advised but not always necessary, although for most weekends one week’s notice would give you the best chance of getting a spot.

If you prefer a more spur of the moment boating experience, which might be good if you prefer to wait and see what the weather does) the Red Boats in town set off from near Lendal Bridge and can be rented for an hour for around £25-£35 pounds.

Beautiful York Marina in Naburn.
Beautiful York Marina in Naburn.