These Summer Classes from York College are exciting!

I think this is a great idea. I love to learn new things and sometimes you just can’t do it from a book, but a lot of these types of classes are too expensive or long.

What I want is someone to quickly show me the basics and let me try it, safely in the presence of an expert, where I can’t break someone’s neck with a dodgy massage or flood the house with backwards plumbing!

They all take place during the evening and weekend which is refreshing after looking at tons of classes which I’m ruled out of due to working full-time.

Top of my list are massage, furniture restoration and Masterchef although our house would definitely benefit from the courses in decking and covering artex – has to be cheaper than paying someone else to do it.

Most of these classes are around half a day and prices start at just £40.

York College Summer Courses

  • An Introduction to Back Massage
  • An Introduction to Indian Head Massage
  • An Introduction to Make-up Application
  • An Introduction to Manicure
  • An Introduction to Pastry Making
  • Basic Car Maintenance and Servicing.
  • Basic Plumbing
  • Be a ‘Masterchef’
  • Build a BBQ
  • Build an Area of Decking or a Planter
  • Cooking on a Student Budget
  • Get to know your iPad
  • Get to know your iPhone
  • Glass Class! – ‘taster session’
  • Holiday French
  • Holiday German
  • Holiday Portuguese
  • Holiday Spanish
  • Introduction to Family History
  • Make a Quick Kimono
  • Painting and Drawing – taster session
  • Portrait and Still Life Photography – ‘taster session’
  • Re-upholster and Restore Furniture
  • Skimming and Covering Artex
  • Throw a Pot! – ‘taster session’
  • Understand your Finances
  • Understanding your Teenager

Read more and book your places here.