Stein Bier Keller York
Party Bavarian Style!

This Saturday night we went to the grand opening of York’s new Stein Bier Keller for some authentic Bavarian fun! Following promises of Oompah bands, giant sausages and world renowned beer we booked a table for the 6 of us and headed down.

I wasn’t too sure where this was at first but it turned out to be on Toft Green right next door to the new Fibbers venue. It had seemingly sprang out of nowhere with a grand entrance surrounded by large, wooden beer barrels!

After giving our name to the 7 bouncers on the door (who knew oompah bands were so dangerous) we headed in.

The room was a small, dark little venue kitted out with wooden walls, animal horn decorations and large wooden benches. There’s definitely some effort been put into the design of this place.

We arrived at 8 and the show started around 9 so we had an hour or so to get seated and get a drink.

Frauliens at York Bier Keller
Fraulein table service

Frauleins in authentic dress came to take our order. Included in the package we had booked was a two pint stein of the house beer – smooth and easy drinking as it turns out – it would have to be with glasses that size!

After a while the show began and we soon realised that oompah band was a very loose term for what appeared on stage. The accordion my sister had been so excited to see sadly didn’t make an appearance.

Oompah band, Stein Bier Keller York
Oompah band….sort of!

However, it didn’t really matter. The two men on the stage produced entertainment somewhere between a Butlin’s disco and Medieval Times but you’d be lying if you said it wasn’t fun!

Soon everyone was stood up on the benches, raising their glasses and singing along to “I am a music man….”!

2 pint Stein at York German Bier Keller
Drink up!

After a few more steins we decided it was a good idea to try one of the authentic German frankfurters which has to be said wasn’t much more than a normal hotdog, in a roll, with ketchup!

As it was opening night they didn’t have a lot of things that were advertised on the menu but there’s always a few teething problems at first.

I would say the only really bad thing about this place was the state of the unisex toilets and the fact that there was a bouncer on the door telling you which cubicle to go in!

The show lasted quite a while and then was eventually replaced with some kind of 90s disco! The place filled up towards the end and I think the venue opened up to Fibbers next door.

When you book a table you can choose from three packages. We went for the cheapest but still got great seats. You can view the packages here.

Overall this place is great fun and good value for money. If you’re not that keen on organised fun or getting involved with strangers you might not enjoy it so much but I think it would be perfect for any special event or birthday. It’s just really good fun and a nice change from the norm. 🙂