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It was my 30th birthday last month and to celebrate we went for a few pre-dinner cocktails at an event run by Speakeasy Libations. This event hire cocktail company runs a small pop-up cocktail bar in York once a month in a different location.

The December event took place at Bison Coffee House which is a place worth visiting anyway. A really quaint little coffee house, very cute and down to earth with great music. We visited it once for The Blind Swine pop up breakfast café – seems like they are a top choice for unique York events.

The Speakeasy pop-up event moves around York in a different location each time and for each one they come up with a different menu of 8 cocktails. It’s not advertised on anything other than social media and word of mouth and each new location is kept secret until the last minute and revealed with a different method each time – think chalk arrows or QR codes!

The cocktails were delicious. Very elegant and different with a whole range of flavours. The guys were only too happy to come and talk to us about the different drinks and ingredients as well. Really friendly and laidback.

My favourite was the Spicy Bison which was Zubrowska Bison Grass Vodka, spiced honey syrup and warm apple juice all served in a tea cup. A warming and wintery treat!

The Cuzco #2 was sour and herbal with flavours we hadn’t tried before. A real ‘grown-up’ drink!

The Lavender Lady was smooth and refreshing with a floral flavour. It was a gin based drink with peach, lemon, kaffir lime and lavender.

Blackbeards Booty was a deep rum cocktail finished with lime and sweet syrup served with a flame!

Since Blind Swine moved off to Leeds we’ve not been sure where to go when we want a nice cocktail so we’ll definitely be going to another one of these. If only it was a permanent fixture!

And, as we also got engaged on the night we were here, may even hire them for our wedding.

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