gr8 escape York logoThe York GR8escape Live Escape Room is a new kind of activity perfect for any groups or family looking for something different to do together.

Enter York’s live escape room and do your best to follow the clues to escape before time runs out!

There’s two different rooms to choose from – spy school or New York detective and we hear they’re currently working on a space themed third.

gr8escape york live escape roomThe escape room itself is pretty hard to find, a small dark door down Colliergate York.

gr8escape york front door
An unassuming door on a small York street

Step inside and some very friendly staff will help you get settled (and in our case ask us why we look so petrified!) and explain the rules of the room to you.

It’s a simple but fun idea. You go in and explore the room, find clues and piece together the puzzle to try to escape.

At first it was a bit like Finders Keepers, stuff getting thrown everywhere in a mad panic. But then you realise that you need to be a bit more methodical.

There’s a TV screen where they can communicate with you so they do give you clues and hints along the way – this keep the pace up nicely and prevents you from sitting there stuck.

This was really a lot of fun and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone.

You can play with 2-6 people but I have a feeling that bigger groups probably have more success.

gr8escape york live escape room diplomaPrice Categories

  • 5 or 6 players £68 (Under £12 per player for a group of 6)
  • 4 players £58 (Under £15 per player)
  • 2 or 3 players £48 (£16 per player for a group of 3)

Although the hour does fly by for the amount of fun we had and the uniqueness of the experience we thought this was good value.

I’ve heard of horror based escape rooms that I’d be interested to try as some parts of this experience could be described as slightly kidish, but then again we did do the Spy School room!

We’re definitely heading back to do the other room soon.

gr8 escape out about york
We escaped!

Read more over at the GR8escape website or call 07897 122 834.