Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil

100 things to do with one of our finest local products – Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil.



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This is a product that I needed little convincing to try.

It’s had a place in my kitchen for a while now because I love its rich, nutty flavour, high smoke point and health benefits.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about different oils and which ones are best for us.

I decided to hedge my bets and have as much oily goodness and variety as possible so including rapeseed oil in my diet was a no-brainer, especially when it comes from a respected local producer.

Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil are makers of award winning oils, dressings and mayonnaise made from finest cold pressed rapeseed oil.

The oil is produced using seed grown and pressed on the chalky soil of the Yorkshire Wolds

Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil Recipe BookDrip, Drizzle, Roast, Bake, Fry

This low fat and versatile oil can be used for a whole range of recipes.

Sponges, pastry, salads, roasted vegetables, dressings and even ice cream are all laid out in the Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil cookbook, which contains over 100 recipes using the rapeseed products.

It also includes a forward written by local Michelin starred chef James Mackenzie of The Pipe and Glass.

Our favourites from the book included healthy hummus, aubergine and courgette bake and chilli and chocolate ice cream.

The Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil with Chilli and Spice is also our go-to oil for our ActiFry chips as it gives them the perfect amount of seasoning and flavour with a crisp finish (it’s almost impossible to get normal seasoning to stick to those things!)

Find them on Twitter: @YorkshireOil

Delicious Local Produce at the BBC Good Food Show

You can find Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil at the BBC Good Food Show amongst other great local producers, celebrity chefs and tempting treats.