Supermarket Product Descriptions
The Supermarket ‘Big 4’ Photo from just-food

I’m a web content writer who specialises in product descriptions. It’s amazing how much you can say about a single item and how much you often want to buy that product when you’re finished! No matter how weird and wonderful or obscure – bagpipes, cat reigns, crimping scissors – once you start to explore any item and what it can offer the customer the case becomes compelling.

That’s why I was so shocked to discover supermarkets don’t seem to bother with any product descriptions at all. As a food lover there’s nothing I like more than to read it but, after placing my first online order from the local Sainsbury’s, I couldn’t believe the lack of interest they seemed to have in their own products. If every single apple offered on their site is accompanied by a blurry image and the description “apple” how are we to choose? At least in store you can read the pack.

I know that Sainsbury’s and some of the other supermarkets do some great content marketing, creating magazines and emails packed with recipes, articles and news but why not start at the point of purchase? Would it hurt to tell us a little about the variety? What does it taste like? How does it feel in the mouth? What flavours might complement it or what dishes it’s suited to?

It seems to me that this would be a great way to promote their own brand ranges too. It would certainly convince me to switch if one page read “apple” and the other filled me with excitement about the mouth-watering meals to come. Half the fun would be learning and discovering new products and recipes.

Unless, I’m missing something?