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We headed to Living North at York Racecourse and here’s our top picks from the food hall.

Pudding Parlour

selection boxWe spent £10 on a cake selection box and I regret nothing! Really great range of different cakes, biscuits and tray bakes including a crispy bar with jelly sweets inside and a white disc of white chocolate that turned out to have an Oreo inside…happy days.

Bleikers Smokehouse

Bleiker's SmokehouseDelicious smoked salmon and mackerel in a range of flavours. They always do great a deal at the shows so definitely worth a look if you ever see them.


ChoccopassionChocolate tools that make great gifts. Hammers, spanners, roses, make up…. even cheese and salami! You can sometimes catch them at York Designer Outlet too.

Dough It Yourself

Dough it yourself pizza baseCrispy, thin pizza bases and sauces for easy and delicious home made pizzas. We know you can make them yourself but these are great fun, really quick and freezer friendly.

Ellies Cupcake Kitchen

Elle's KissesHandmade cupcakes and Ellies Chocolate Kisses – 12 different flavours of fluffy italian meringue coated in chocolate. They claimed they were only 70 calories each….so I bought 4 :/

More? The Artisan Bakery

breadAfter all that sugar it was time for a carb fix. Sourdough, stout loaves and focaccia were all on offer here although some of them were sold out before we left.

Stateside Treat Emporium

Stateside chocolateHot chocolate sticks, popcorn lollies and chocolate bars in a range of American inspired flavour. We especially like the Maple and Bacon milk chocolate and the Key Lime Pie dark chocolate.

Did we miss any of your favourites?