Energi trampoline york

So last night we bounced down to the new Energi Trampoline Park York to try their trampoline keep fit class.

This post should probably be started by confessing that my fitness levels are accurately compared to that of a chubby sloth with a dodgy hip, and that I have been known to flee in fear from keep fit classes during the warm up if it seemed too hard. Unfortunately, it’s kind of hard to make an inconspicuous getaway when you’re surrounded by a sea of wobbly trampolines.

The main reason I went along to this class was because it said on the website “ideal for those whose low fitness levels are holding them back” and well, also trampolines were involved which seemed fun.

The park itself is impressive and whilst we waited in the café, struggling to resist the ice cream and cake, I watched a few guys bouncing from corner to corner and doing somersaults and I thought, this doesn’t look too hard.

I was wrong.

First we had to watch the safety video which consisted of a stick man jumping on the trampolines in about ten different ways, all of which resulted in broken limbs or death – good! 😐

Then it was time to begin. I hate to be a grump but when I attended all those fitness classes before and looked on in disbelief as the Duracell powered instructor did set after set of burpees, sit ups and push ups, if I could have named one thing that would have made this impossible task even harder, it would have been trying to do it on a trampoline.

I thought it would be all, “look at me, I’m flying!” but instead I watched with dismay as me and my friend rolled around like desperate slugs on the trampoline trying to gather enough stability to do even one push up.


I feel like if you have a trampoline, don’t just do a regular work out on the trampoline! But then again that could just be me being a grump as most other people seemed to enjoy it. And for the price (around £5 for 45 mins) you can’t really complain.

To be fair, the parts where we actually got to jump on the trampolines were great fun.

Energi also do normal sessions for around £10 where you can use more of the equipment – air bags, gladiator style rings, games and dodgeball arena – which I think would be fun. They also do themed nights when you can bounce around to hits from your favourite decade – that’s probably more my style!

Check out the website here for more information.