Can You Escape? York Escape Room

York’s Newest Escape Room Experience

This weekend we enjoyed a reunion with a friend we hadn’t seen in a while. To celebrate we wanted something fun to do in York that didn’t involve alcohol or too much physical activity (as one friend is quite heavily pregnant and we’re all reasonably lazy). We eventually decided upon York’s new escape room attraction down Micklegate – “Can You Escape?”.

Can You Escape? York Escape Room

We arrived at the mysterious blue door a few minutes early and rang the buzzer. A voice beckoned us in and after some struggling (which we didn’t think boded well for our chances!) we finally found our way in.

Operation Lone Eagle

Can You Escape? York Escape Room

A lovely lady called Lou met us and explained that world-renowned scientist, Doctor Aquila Mind had been working on a machine that will erase  memories from people’s minds. His assistant has seen the light and wanted to put a stop to the doctor’s evil plans. She can’t do this alone and so has recruiting us (spies of the highest calibre) to put a halt to things. Our task was to navigate his room and retrieve the trigger before the clock hits zero.

….challenge accepted.

After picking our team and agent names – The Fun-ghis with Agent Button, Agent Shiitake, Agent Chestnut and Agent Portobello we were set.

We piled into the room and began to ransack it. 56 minutes and 53 seconds later we escaped!

Can You Escape? York Escape Room

Escape Rooms

I’ve done this and the other escape room in York – GR8 Escape and they’re both great fun. This one was nicely done with a few extra touches that made it more immersive. It cost us £15 each which we thought was well worth it.

Don’t worry that you’ll get stuck or won’t know what to do as the rooms are designed to be accompanied by regular clues and hints from the staff who watch via hidden cameras and microphones.

They really are great fun and I can’t wait to do their new superhero themed room which is due to launch next year.

Visit their website here.