The Imaginarium is a cross between a magical emporium, an old fashioned curiosity store and a fairytale grotto. Around every turn is something new to see. The items for sale blend seamlessly with the décor and displays. Hands and animal heads hang on the walls offering up their wares, and cases display everything from trinkets and treasures to full size sculptures.



This Christmas there’s a new area at the back of the store showcasing Christmas decorations from baubles and ribbons to fairies and toadstools. Not an inch of wall is left unadorned and small sculptures and fascinating creatures peek out from every corner. The shop is always filled with a magical soundtrack of fantasy film favourites.


Items on offer include the very best from imaginative artists like marvellous fabric creations from Leeds’ textiles dynamo Mister Finch, fantastical creatures from Brighton’s Annie Montgomerie, vintage, personalised glassware by Vinegar And Brown Paper; and decorative fairies made from repurposed materials by Yorkshire artist Samantha Bryan.

My Christmas tree is enjoying some Imaginarium woodland decorations!