I love curry. I don’t know many people who don’t! It’s our go-to comfort food and we especially love a really spicy, vegetable curry which is often hard to find.

Sick of being served up oily, watery or bland curries we scoured York for one that we thought met the mark.


Mumbai Lounge can be found near the top of Walmgate and is always busy so booking is usually a good idea.

The service is fast and efficient and the food is excellent.

Their large menu has plenty of options – they are a little short on vegetarian options but I’m sure they would do something if asked. They are very keen at giving recommendations on dishes.

The main things that differentiates Mumbai Lounge from its competitors is the depth of flavour they are able to get into their dishes and the quality of their meat.

Each dish offers up generous portions of juicy meat that falls apart at the touch. It looks, tastes and feels like good quality meat, which isn’t always the case in other curry houses.

We don’t eat meat most of the time but are often tempted into an exception when we visit here.

Each main will set you back around £10 which, considering the quality, is great value in our eyes.



Our favourite dishes include:

SABZEE ZALFREY – Prepared with sliced onions, mixed peppers, garlic, green chillies & sprinkled with coriander. This is slightly hot and spicy, full of flavour served sizzling.

AFRAAN CHICKEN – Charcoal baked pieces of chicken cooked in royal spices, fresh green chilli paste & garnished with fresh garlic cloves.

ACHARI  LAMB – A speciality from Hyderabad. Cooked in a tantalising mix pickle massala laced with green chillies and sprinkled with spring onions and coriander .

PRAWN GARLIC CHILLI – Cooked with fresh slices of garlic, fresh green chillies and plum tomatoes then garnished with coriander.

Other Contenders

Honourable mentions go to: Coconut Lagoon for their delicious Southern Indian offerings & 29 States for their generously saucy curries and their excellent daal selection!

What do you think? Is this the best curry in York or do you have another contender?