I’ve always enjoyed taking photos and experimenting with new techniques, and I especially love photographing architecture. Not very confident in my ability to shoot in low-light conditions, I recently attended one of JPO Photography’s night photography walkabout courses.

Photo by Andrew Throup (JPO Photography)

A small group of us met at Clifford’s Tower just as the sun was setting, and visited various locations around York for the next two hours. Photography can be a bit of a lonely hobby at times, so it was refreshing to go round in a group for a change.

Photo by Andrew Throup (JPO Photography)

Andrew was very friendly, patient and helpful throughout the entire time we spent with him. He offered tips on settings, F stop, ISO and Shutter Speed and how they all work together to produce great night images.

York is beautiful, and is obviously very photogenic. This would be a great opportunity for tourists who are interested in photography to see the city, and get tips on where to get the best angles for amazing images.

Photo by Andrew Throup (JPO Photography)


What you need to attend one of the JPO Photography night walkabouts:

  • A DSLR camera that you can put in ‘M’, manual mode.
  • Your widest lens if you have a few, e.g. 24, 18, 16mm etc, most come standard with a zoom 24 – 120mm or something similar which is fine.
  • A Tripod
  • Warm jacket and a hat!

This two hour course is ideal for beginners or those who are just looking to brush up their skills and knowledge. Why not capture York in a special way that you’ll always remember? Head over to jpo-photography for more information on upcoming courses. Gift vouchers also available for these courses, should you wish to purchase one as a gift.

Here’s a few of my shots using the knowledge I learnt on my night walkabout. I have since been out in York again with my new found confidence thanks to Andrew’s help and advice.