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York Attractions & Events

The best of York’s attractions. Why not visit them yourself and discover York’s charms?

Spark York

Spark York is a street food and start-up business hub on the derelict Reynards garage site on Piccadilly in York City Centre. The new communal space will be a great place to hang out after work on on the weekends.... Continue Reading →

Mr Dexter’s Curious Adventures


York Events To Look Forward To In 2017

Dates for your diary - York events in 2017.

Can You Escape?

We arrived at the mysterious blue door a few minutes early and rang the buzzer. A voice beckoned us in and after some struggling (which we didn't think boded well for our chances!) we finally found our way in.

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Illuminating York

I love Illuminating York. To me it marks the start of the winter and starts to make things feel festive.

Energi Trampoline Park York

I thought it would be all, "look at me, i'm flying!" but instead I watched with dismay as me and my friend rolled around like desperate slugs on the trampoline trying to gather enough stability to do even one push up.

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